Would you like to volunteer to help us with preparation for the event series before and during the Earth Summit events?

If so, please sign up for the opportunity you wish to assist with. Be sure to include a comment, so that your involvement will be most meaningful to you.

We especially need help publicizing the Earth Summit event. Do you enjoy promoting events on social media? Please sign up to volunteer.

Do you go to places where people gather? You can hand out our event cards as you make your way through the crowd. We need you to volunteer.

If you’re in school and you and your friends want to learn more about ways to mitigate Climate Chaos, we’re here for you. Just sign up, then show up on the opportunity date we will confirm for you via email.

You can check out some suggested Volunteer Opportunities in the column on the right. Please click on the suggestion for a fuller description. Then, include your contact information as you sign up to volunteer. You may have some suggestion for us. Please let us know how you’d like to help.