Ray Lutz

Ray Lutz, with a Master’s degree in engineering, is the Founder and Executive Director of Citizens Oversight. His current focus is dealing with nuclear waste and election audits.
Vice-President Al Gore’s film, “An Inconvenient Truth”, was Madge’s impetus to work with in Washington DC in 2011. We asked President Obama to stop the Tar Sands Keystone XL pipeline. Persistent efforts, in Los Angeles in 2013, in New York for the People’s Climate March, followed by Harvest the Hope in Nebraska in 2014, and other local actions resulted in President Obama rejecting the Keystone XL.
Madge serves as a Citizens’ Oversight board member. Citizens’ Oversight is a national non-profit organization that works on several projects. Madge is directly involved with two local ones: election integrity and safer nuclear waste storage.

Mo Roufe

Mo Roufe has a background in engineering and business management.  He is the Co-Founder of “” and Director of “Regenerate,” a documentary series featuring sustainable locations around the world; such as ecological villages, permaculture institutes, and desert farms. Mo started his passion with ecology on The Green Places Sustainability Tour Bus that is powered with renewable energy and alternative fuel sources.  He traveled with his family to film and promote sustainable methods with DYI videos on YouTube and review ecological products and businesses.

Eva Roufe

Eva Roufe has a BA in Psychology and has been involved with environmental and social activism for over 8 years.  She is certified in solar installation and aquaponics. She has served on the Board of the San Diego Green Chamber and worked with the San Diego Energy District Foundation.  She has been a passionate advocate against genetically modified organisms, helping organize the March Against Monsanto.  She also volunteered with the Zeitgeist Movement to raise awareness about a Resource Based Economy.  Currently, Eva has been dedicated to Green Places, traveling with her family to learn and raise awareness about sustainability through education programs and the new documentary series; Regenerate.